Monday, 21 March 2011

Head&shoulders (Lek Cheong,126622)

 Head & shoulders shampoo is one of the effective ways to help eliminate dandruff symptoms, including a tight, itchy scalp with regular use.However, h&s doesn’t feel, or smell, like what you might expect from an anti-dandruff shampoo. Instead of a medicated aroma, there are fresh, zingy scents and the rich formula leaves hair feeling soft and manageable. head & shoulders is gentle enough for daily use – even on hair that’s colored – leaving hair fresh and deeply cleansed and your scalp nourished and healthy.
The anti- dandruff shampoos are complemented by a range of conditioners that are rich in intensive moisturisers. And there are enough products to choose from for various hair types, every kind of hair, from fine to frizzy, damaged to limp.
After use  head & shoulder shampoo, i feel comfortable .It help me to solve my hair problem within 1 month .It make me increase confident while communicating with friends .I start to use it while i still studying secondary school.Everyday i will use it to wash my hair , it help to eliminate dandruff and tick.
While i studying form 3 , my hair start have tick .  I am so shy while go playing with my friends in the football field .As i still remember , got one person come to challenge me to play the football .That person cal "Ah Beng", he is very tall ad have good body shape .I will hate him because he always like to call me as "Si Gemuk kutu". He always lose in the football match cox his leg are too short but his body is very long .After he losing in the football match , he come to bully me and call me as 'si Gemuk Kutu" .He embrassed me in front of our school pretty girls .
These pretty girls keep laugh me "Si Gemuk Kutu" ,beside that i just keep crying and crying .Although he betrayed me in front of them , keep saying me is "Si Gemuk Kutu" . I am crying not because don't how to protect myself .It is because my hair have tick .It cannot cure although i keep go meet the doctor . 
"I am surprise", suddenly got one girl come out and shout loudly in front me .While she shout loudly ,"Ah Beng" and other girls are shocked .Previously tat girl is shy and seldom communcating with other people .She called as"Ah mui mui" ,she are quite beautifull and look radiance."Ah mui mui" slap her hand toward "Ah beng " 's face .She creaming out " Stop it ah beng ,please shout out"
Ah mui mui sudden take out head & shoulder shampoo from her bag .She tel me the benefits about head& shoulder .After that i keep use it, it really help to cure my hair problem . It is unforgettable incident in my life , tat way i start to wash my hair on everday .To make it feel refreshing and it help me to build trust while communicating with friends . 

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