Sunday, 24 April 2011

Review of e-advertising

                    Review of electronic advertisement 's class
After i have spent 14 weeks taking e-advertising, i have learned some new skills in the class.First and foremost , i feel awesome that i can dealing with customers in the real advertising field. I think my lecturer ,Pn Nurin have exposure us to the reality life while doing preparing an advertisement from all the marketing class that i have attended.It really challenging my patience and my ability to done well in my advertising for showing to our client. Thus , it is an opportunity to enhance our skills before we steps out from University. In e-advertising class , i learn a lot of knowledge about media, communication skills, and doing blog. Here , it helps me to upgrade my skills in communication and let me to recognize what is actual advertising company.On the process doing our assignment , i and my group members have brainstorming the idea for create the good advertisement.It lead us how to cooperate and pay full commitment with each others. lat but not least , i really need say thanks to Pn Nurin and my group members because of your all, my brain become grow up and have a lot of creativity knowledge for doing advertisement.Although there is limited time for us to learn all the stuffs in one semester,but i learn a lot of knowledge about doing advertising.I hope everyone are capable to do creativity advertisement even though we just have a very short section in this class.

Sam lek cheong,126622

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