Sunday, 24 April 2011

What have i learn in this semester.( Soo Tak, 126618)

In the class, i learned many things. Advertising is much complicated than i imagine.
The first things i learn is how a advertising firm operate, start from the top management of CEO who conduct meeting to know what is the process of the work, follow by the account planner than responsible for contact and get as much information he can from the client.
Next is the strategic planner that will get the information from account planner, and understand what is the motif and need of the client. After that the strategic planner will do some research before start to develop strategic for client, The strategic planner needed to segment the audience according to demographic, benefit, usage-rate and many more so that will more easy to focus and attract the audience to buy. After that will decide the concept of the advertisment.
 Followed by the media planner to choose what media to put out the advertisment, there have many media that can be chosen such as printed advertisment that consist of newspaper, magazine, flyers, browser and poster; radio that needed to broadcast how many time a week, tv channel that needed to decide on what time to broadcast and how long the advertisment and also internet that consist of WWW. website, local website, pop up advertisment which is divided to free or pay advertisment. After the media planner decide to use printed media such as flyers and newspaper, he also need to choose to directly put the advertisment on the newspaper or insert advertisment by putting flyer in to the newspaper. Media planner also need to calculate the cost for the media been chosen.
The next part is the creative planner needed to come out with idea how to use the strategies given by strategic planner and media chosen by media planner to bring out the massage of the client want. The creative planner will design how the flyers will look like and will past to the copy writer to think what to write in the flyers that will attract the audience attention.
Lastly was the presentation team will present the advertisment been produced by the firm toward client.
Above was the short summary that i had learn from the SCCT3153 class, and i had a new definition toward electronic advertising. I was very happy because can gain so much new knowledge from this class and gain deeper understanding toward electronic advertising.

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